Electric Guitar

There are many starter electric guitars but in our opinion, from 30 years of playing and selling them, there is one guitar that stands out head and shoulders above the rest..

The Dean Evo XM

The Dean is built to exacting standards. This company make some very high end guitars and produced this model to entice you to stay with them when you improve your playing.
Unlike budget guitars that are made to a price point, the Dean is designed to help you learn as quickly as possible with it's lightweight body, slim smooth neck and gorgeous sound.

Small enough for both young boys and girls yet Les Paul size and shape so you can continue rocking out with it right into your own band.

Check it out here.

Acoustic Guitar

There are many sub £100 acoustic guitars around but we no longer stock them due to their poor quality. A decent guitar can be had for around £150. We recommend the Indie acoustics that come in both Dreadnought and Folk sizes complete with gig bag and strap as well.

Indie Acoustic Guitar Outfit

You get a great spec from the Indie company. Mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard. Graphite nut and saddle. Padded bag.
The big advantage though is that they arrive set up and ready to play. And they sound lovely. A guitar that you can play straight from the box is a testament to it's quality.

For just a few pounds more we also have the superb Crafter HT -24 models.

Check them all out here.

Classical Guitar

When it comes to classical guitars there is very little to choose from in terms of quality. We recommend the Artisan brand as a good starter for 3/4 and 4/4 students. We also have a lovely custom made 1/2 size complete with bag for only £49.

If you need something a little bit better we stock the Hokada that features a solid top.
If you want a decent all around classical guitar that sounds great acoustically or you can plug in and use on stage or for recording then look no further than the this.

The Dean Espana CSCM

A lovely solid cedar top and cutaway body with mahogany back and sides gives a warm well rounded tone with plenty of clarity. Complimented by the superb Dean DMT designed pre-amp and pick-up featuring a built-in tuner and 3-band EQ and you have a well crafted guitar suited to live performance anywhere.

View all of our classical guitars here.

Bass Guitar

Once again we have to turn to Dean for the best of the starter bass guitars. The Edge 09 Natural is made of mahogany giving a warm rich tone. The playability is amazing and the body shape and weight makes it perfect for both girls and boys.

The Dean Edge 09

Great-playing and very affordable, the Dean Edge 09 4-String Electric Bass Guitar features a body contoured for playing comfort. The maple neck is profiled to be fast, sleek, and easy to play. A unique Dean-design neck joint and heel along with an asymmetrical 4-bolt pattern give you unhindered movement all the way up the 22-fret neck. A single soapbar pickup produces substantial growl.

View the Dean Edge 09 here.

Guitar Multi - Effects Unit with Looping

Not really an essential but these are amazing and will give you all of the sounds you need to help perfect your playing style.

The MG-200 is a floor guitar processor with a new generation of 32-bit DSP high performance 24Bit 44.1kHz AD/DA converter and True Simulation of Analog Circuits (TSAC) technology. Players who just want a convenient compact multi-effects pedal with good tone will immediately like the new designed CTRL pedal that can switch effects on/off, boost volume for solo, and set tempo for modulation and delay! The extension pedal jack allows you to plug in an expression pedal or group switching pedal for more control! You can even put the MG-200 on your pedal board to be in the chain with your favourite pedals!

View the NUX here. Demo on web site.

Guitar Tuners


Grover Allman G-50

This clip-on tuner will tune any instrument. It is both chromatic or can be set for a certain instrument. Guitar. Bass. Ukulele. Violin.

The screen turns green when the string is in tune. Easy to use and at only £10, cheap to buy. A must for the new guitarist and our favourite ukulele tuner.

Click here to view/buy.


EzeTune EZ-100A

Our biggest selling tuner. We have sold 100's of these over the years.

Solid. Reliable. Easy to use. Clear display.

Click to view or buy all tuners.


Rotosound AMT 530 Tuner/Metronome

Combined tuner and metronome. Chromatic clip-on tuner will tune guitars, basses and ukuleles. Metronome function for practice use as well.

View and buy here.


Aroma Stomp Tuner

If you need a stage tuner then look no further than this one.
A larger than average display it is also brighter and very robust. One of the best stage tuners we've ever stocked.

View details here.


Pretty much an essential item.

We have a large selection of clockwork, wind-up, pyramid metronomes in a choice of colours. These are loud, reliable and easy to use.

We also stock the EzeTune EZ-300M if you prefer an electronic metronome or the combined Rotosound Tuner/Metronome.

View our metronomes here.