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Ellie really loves her lessons with John. He is an amazing teacher and is also very kind and funny.
Sarah Chappelhow

Lessons should be fun as well as informative. Much more can be learned when you are enjoying the experience.

Here at the Ampthill Music School we try to replace the early frustration that comes with learning a new instrument with a sense of achievment from playing something that is important and familiar to you personally. By replacing formal lessons with an adaptive approach geared to each individual, we fast track the learning process making sure every person advances in the areas they find easy whilst we find interesting ways to help them overcome the parts they find difficult.

We think this works. Please let us know if we are right.
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"Ellie really loves her lessons with John. He is an amazing teacher and is also very kind and funny." Sarah Chappelhow *****
"Tom finds his lessons enjoyable and stimulating! I find the lessons good value for money." Julie Worthington *****
"Duncan really enjoys his lessons and has gained a lot from them. He has progressed well and never needs to be encouraged to practice!" Maureen Arkley *****
"Great so far - at last someone focusing on what Oliver needs to develop his guitar skills!! He loved his first lesson." Sandra Evans ***
"18 months ago I couldn't play guitar and now I can and have a band. Excellent learning environment." Daniel Izzard *****
"Very enjoyable and helpful. Good teaching. Uses good variety of teaching skills and methods. Very good." Sophie Lucken *****
"Lucy has built up a good relationship with John and enjoys her lessons. She seems to be progressing well." Jenny Howe ****
"The lessons are great fun but at the same time I learn how to play the music I want to learn. Also, I nearly always learn something new in a lesson." Jonny Clay ****
"Great fun. I'm learning a lot but enjoying it as well. I feel my guitar and bass playing have improved enormously. Thanks." Alex Monks *****
"Aaron has really enjoyed his guitar lessons and has learned a lot." Rita Kedge *****
"Enjoyable, challenging, interesting." Alexandra McCarthy ****
"Friendly and informal. Ron has been great." Sharon Cashman *****
"Dale really enjoys them." Teri Crapper ****
"Lessons very good." Colin Dowding ***
"Very helpful and great fun!" Jason Ireland *****
"I enjoy them, they are fun. I like John the best." Jesse Billington ***
"Fun." Jack Glenister ***
"Fabulous. Very exciting and fun." Lydia Cashman *****
"Jenny really enjoys her lessons." Annie Austin ****
"Really good." Rebecca Sheen *****
"Lewis loves his guitar lessons and we are proud that he's passed his first exam." Kerstie Richardson ****
"James really enjoys it." Andy Bower ***
"Very useful and constructive." Ian Jardine ****
"Fine. Adam's confidence is growing and he is enjoying the lessons." Julie Davies ***
"Fine." Laurence Kibblewhite ****
"Tom and Jack appear to enjoy them a lot." Richard Hayden ***
"Charlotte appears to be enjoying her lessons very much and appears keen to learn." Tricia Jackson-Dunne *****